Letters from the Inside:

Intersectional Reflections on Life in Lockdown

What is the “new normal” and what can it teach us? Is solitude a form of self-love? How have isolation and introspection revealed the privileges that we possess? Can we go back to the way things were — Do we want to? What does freedom mean in the context of this pandemic?


Intersect Madrid in partnership with Art Spoken Madrid present, Letters from the Inside: Intersectional Reflections on Life in Lockdown — an anthology that aims to bring to light stories from the recent quarantines arisen from the global COVID-19 pandemic and our transition into the first phases of worldwide re-opening. Through this anthology, we hope to create a body of work for community healing amidst a time of turbulent change.


We are looking for submissions in the genres of creative non-fiction, poetry, photography/video essays, and visual art. If you are a seasoned writer, a novice, or anywhere in-between, we want to hear your voice. Our goal is to uplift intersectional voices of historically underrepresented artists, including people of color, queer and trans individuals, asylum seekers, indigenous communities, and differently- abled and neurodivergent people.


We’ve designed four broad categories of prompts to inspire creators: Love & Relationships, Solitude & Self-care, Oppression, Privilege, and Freedom, and Education. You can email us for an in-depth list of prompts and the submission guidelines.