Meet The Team


Shanah Khan

Lead Operations Coordinator

Shanah has been on the Intersect Madrid Committee since 2019. She is from Glasgow, Scotland and celebrates Pakistani heritage. She moved to Madrid as an English Teacher in 2019 and has a Master's in International Relations specialising in intersectionality and feminist foreign policy. Her research and writing ranges from post-colonialism, human rights, and experiences of second-generation immigrants. When she's not studying she's likely reading about intersectional feminism or co-hosting her podcast Maneuvering about her lived experience as a South-Asian women navigating the personal and political.

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Cristina Castillo

Educational Content Coordinator

Cristina joined Intersect Madrid in 2019 after teaching at various schools in Madrid for several years. Cristina boasts colorful roots as she was born in Guatemala where her father is from, and shares Puerto Rican heritage from her mother. She graduated with an Elementary Education degree in Florida and moved to Madrid in 2015. Cristina loves teaching and aims to educate each and every one of her students to become kind, feminist-thinking, little humans. Her passion is to continue teaching children about the world around them.

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Cherish has been involved with Intersect Madrid since 2019. She started out as their very first intern while studying abroad in Madrid. Cherish is a Black American from a small town in central Michigan, USA. In her undergraduate studies, she worked in the Center for Diversity and Inclusion where she gave public workshops and counseling services on-campus for three years. After graduating, with a Bachelor’s of Art in Art Studio and Spanish, she moved to Madrid to teach English. While teaching, she earned a Masters in Bilingual and Multicultural Education from Universidad de Alcalá. Currently, she is an English Teacher at a public high school in Madrid. Cherish is interested in combining art, culture and language social justice work. She often combines them in her lessons, artwork, and the content she provides for Intersect Madrid. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, meeting people from different backgrounds, making crafts, and learning new languages.

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Cherish Joe

Public Workshop Coordinator

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Kimberley Obongonyinge

Social Media Coordinator

Kimmy is a Ugandan, Indian and Guyanese woman and is very passionate about intersectionality and dismantling oppressive structures. Currently, Kimmy works as an English teacher and her area of expertise is child and adolescent mental health and wellbeing having worked as a mental health professional in the UK for several years. It fascinates Kimmy that social justice themes in Spanish education are perceived as political rather than an essential part of students development, to improve access for students who do not identify as White, cisgender, heterosexual, able bodied, catholic or Spanish. Being part of Intersect Madrid has allowed Kimmy to meaningfully raise awareness of the importance of celebrating intersectionality within education, and to educate on anti-racism and anti-bias with educators across Madrid. 

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Grace Armstrong 

Research and Content Coordinator

Originally from Walsall in the UK, Grace joined the Intersect Madrid team in 2021. Grace has lived in Madrid for almost four years and moved to the city after completing her undergraduate studies in Psychology and Spanish. Grace has gone on to work in several primary and infant schools in Madrid, and loves helping her little students grow, learn and understand the world better. Grace is neurodivergent, and a strong advocate for the neurodiversity movement. She is especially passionate about accessibility and eliminating ableism and deficit-model thinking from educational environments.


When not in the classroom, you’ll find Grace drinking coffee, in the gym or flicking between 50+ browser tabs of anti-colonial reading and restaurant reviews.

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Genevieve Peattie

Founder & Strategic Advisor

Genevieve is the founder of Intersect Madrid and started developing the initiative in 2017. Genevieve spent four years working in Madrid in bilingual education and set up the organisation to connect and empower educators to make positive changes in schools, with the aim of creating spaces where we could problem solve and think collectively about how to transform classrooms into sites of learning that were free from oppression. Genevieve is a proud Londoner with British and Jamaican heritage and currently works as a project officer in local government. Her work in the sector so far has ranged from street homelessness and exploitation to youth engagement and public health. She continues to advocate for social justice and intersectional approaches to public service in her daily practice, as well as volunteering virtually in the Intersect Madrid organising committee.

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Jacob Pirogovsky

Outreach Coordinator

Jacob has been part of Intersect Madrid since 2019. He is from the Jersey Shore and celebrates Central Asian and Jewish heritage. He studied Film in college and went on to work in Los Angeles and New York City before moving to Spain. He has been teaching English through mindfulness here since 2016 and is currently studying to become a multi-cultural psychotherapist and educator at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and Rutgers University. In his free time, he loves to do yoga, learn new languages (currently learning Mandarin), perform, and deconstruct the cisheteropatriarchy.

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