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Intersect Madrid Community Events and Workshops

Our community workshops are designed to empower educators with the essential tools needed to cultivate inclusive and anti-bias, anti-racist learning environments for their students.

Our community events are in-person in Madrid city-centre, free and open to all educators.

Upcoming Workshops

Our 2023-24 community programming is here! We hold community workshops each month and BIPOC educators Affinity Group.

BIPOC Affinity Group - (1).png

What are our Community Workshops like?

Our workshops offer a hands-on, participant-focused experience carefully crafted to equip you with tangible tools for cultivating anti-racist classrooms. 

Past Workshops

  • Discriminatory Language in Spanish

  • Religious Diversity with Students

  • Intersectional Feminism in the Classroom

  • Challenging Blackface in the Classroom

  • Teaching Self-Love to Students

  • Adapt and Advocate

  • Radical Self-Care for Educators

  • Creando un Espacio Valiente (Brave Space) en el Aula

  • Decolonising the Holidays

  • Bodies Are Cool: Celebrating Body Diversity with Students through Art-making

What is an Affinity Group?

An Affinity Group is a group of folk linked by a shared identity such as race, genders, or marginalized community. 

Intersect Madrid wants to create a space for global majority folk to gather, find community and collectively provide support for navigating teaching in a white-dominant environment.



Where are workshops located?

We host our community workshops in the center of Madrid at Espacio Afro (Calle Caceres 49, Madrid Metro: Delicias or Embajadores)
Our Affinity Groups are held the heart of Lavapies at DaraaJi Bar (Calle Meson de Paredes 17, 28012)

How can I stay informed about upcoming workshops?

Stay connected with us! Follow us on instagram for sneak peeks and announcements for upcoming workshops and events.

Can I suggest a workshop topic?

Absolutely! We welcome suggestions for workshop topics and encourage organizations interested in collaborating to get in touch. Email us to discuss how you can contribute to anti-bias anti-racist work.

Find out about upcoming events and workshops in Madrid by being part of our mailing list. 

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